Advantages of Using Electronic Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are devices that are connected to a plumbing system to deliver or drain water in a building. Commonly used plumbing fixtures include: kitchen sinks, showers, lavatories, bathtubs, etc. With the advancement in technology, there has been an improvement in both the functionality and design of most plumbing fixtures with the advent of electronic plumbing fixtures like automatic urinary bow, sensor operated faucets, showers and hand dryers. Here are four advantages electronic plumbing fixtures have over traditional fixtures:

1. Durability: Electronic plumbing fixtures have fewer physical parts, thereby making it lasts longer. Their function is mostly automatic and the parts are imbedded inside the system. There is less worry when it comes to knowing how to use the product and the potential risk of misuse is significantly reduced. This also reduces the effects of constant touch and physical deterioration.

2. Easy To Use: The electronic capability of some of these fixtures gives it an even greater advantage in terms of usability. For instance, in a private home bathroom with sensor-operated faucets, parents do not have to teach their children how to use the product as the faucets functions by detecting a hand close to it using infrared detectors. These products can be ideal for the aged, pregnant and disabled users. electric hand dryer

3. Bacteria Spread Prevention: One of the commonest means of bacteria spread especially in public facilities is by the constant touch of plumbing fixtures during or after use. Automatic fixtures like toilets can be used without being touched. This type of toilet has self-flush automatic features installed and can be triggered when the user move away from the indicator light on the toilet.

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