Can You Use Luminous Ink Marked Cards in Casinos?

There are various ways to cheat in a poker game. There are ways to mark the cards. You can use these marked cards two perform magic tricks using them as well. But at the same time, they are on various occasions used to cheat in poker games as well. How can you mark them? Are they available online? Can you use the marked cards in casinos as well? We answer all these questions and much more just a few strolls down. So why not get a look for yourself?

How are the cards marked?

The cards that are used in a poker game can be marked in several ways. You can use cards that have a bar code in them and can be read by a particular kind of machine which then transfers the information to another server. Some just use invisible ink to mark the cards and then use infrared contact lenses to get a look at the marks. You can also use luminous ink instead of invisible ink. The pattern of the marks is known only do the gambler who did it.

Can you use marked cards in casinos? 

Luminous invisible ink marked cards cannot be used in casinos. Cheating of the sorts is never allowed in casinos. There are various poker cheating devices as well, but you cannot use them in a game, that is they are prohibited. But then again cheating is a kind of art, a rather difficult one to master.

How can you mark the cards?

Sets of marked cards and the equipment to read the same are available on the net. You can browse for the same and the web will lead you to a place where they are available online. If you are using invisible ink, you can do it by yourself as well. The pattern again will be known just to you call mother is giving you an advantage over the other players.

You must remember that all of these activities have their consequences if and when you are caught practicing them. You can also suffer a lifetime ban from casinos if you are caught cheating in any way.

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